About Die Gräfin

We attach particular importance to the production and origin of our materials. 

Sustainable production and an ecological approach to resources are close to our hearts.

For our cuddly sheep & dogs we use exclusively Merino virgin wool from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.
On the pastures of the foothills of the Alps and on the mountain pastures, the Merino and mountain sheep are kept, with which the Merino virgin wool is produced regionally in the finest handwork.

How our products are created


For us, this is not just an assertion.
We live it, sustainability. 
We attach particular importance to the production and origin of our materials. 
An ecological handling of resources is close to our heart. We manufacture the little darlings in our workshop in Irschenberg. Starting from the packaging of our products to our high-quality merino wool
– everything comes from our Bavarian pre-alpine region. 

The team

Our roots are in Irschenberg in Upper Bavaria.

I founded the label “Die Gräfin” in 2012. Surrounded by the nature of the beautiful Bavarian Oberland, I was inspired to create beautiful things and handmade treasured pieces for children which are cleverly thought out and natural right down to the last detail.

Today, we are a strong “mom team” that handles all orders and challenges on a daily basis. Moms can do it!

Thanks to the best team in the world!


We value quality.

Our little treasures are made from sustainable and high quality cotton by hand in Germany. We are certainly not perfect and we can do better in our environmental and social responsibilities for ourselves and the next generation by acting with a sense of respect and consideration.

That is our motivation that drives us every day.